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A firm established in 1975, known as a Design School by itself, Design Combine has left its indelible mark on Kerala architecture with its long and diverse work history.
Invested in quality design, steeped in contextuality, yet completely modern and contemporised, our design services range from large scale urban planning level initiatives to the micro scales of design details. Our unique approach of collaborative design, in which we not only pool strengths within the team, but consult with leading professionals all over the world in various fields, equip us to deliver a design product which is state of the art in nature imbued with best practises of the world.

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Our Story

Design Combine, established in 1975, have been leaving its indelible mark on quality designed built environment like residential, hospitality, industrial buildings, luxury hotels, apartments and other housing projects, commercial complexes, urban design, site planning, urban planning and detailed project reports for large scale development projects.  Staffed by a group of multi-disciplinary designers, the firm today also undertakes graphic and product design, having successfully developed products for the international market.
Design Combine is equipped to provide its clients with comprehensive design services, and stands by the client as their unbiased professional adviser throughout each phase of a project, giving them the benefit of its years of broad-based experience.
The pre-eminent basis for all its activities is “design excellence”.  Design Combine has gathered a staff of the highest calibre and has developed policies, procedures and philosophies to ensure that every product created by this firm meets those high standard.


45 years of service

Design Combine completes 45 years of service



Jacob George leaves to set up his own practise. Monolita becomes a Partner



DC is empanelled for JnURM projects for Kochi and ASI projects, South Zone.


Punnen C Mathew

Punnen C Mathew is made a partner



Design Combine moves to its own premise in Kakkanad. The building was designed as a modern application of age old practises of Kerala Architecture, with roof ventilations, central courtyard and overhangs. Strength of Design Combine: 24


Design Combine School of Architecture

Office shifted to Panampilly Avenue, where it operated for the next 10 years. Through these years, Design Combine attained a fame of being a path breaker in original design, and rethinking of the Kerala format of architecture. It also became the grooming ground for many of Kochi’s young architects, who today are some of the most well known names in Kerala architecture, thus acquiring the name ‘Design Combine School of Architecture’.


Ar. Jacob George

Ar. Jacob George becomes an Partner to the firm and under his hands, Design Combine gets its distinctive logo, look and feel. He brought in the culture or high detailing and micro design into DC portfolio which many of the junior architects caught on and continued in their own practise.



Ar. Ramesh Tharakan, upon completing his work experience and a few partnership stints, establish the firm Design Combine. At that time, the firm used to operate from its office in Willingdon Island. In its initial years it had 4 architects and 8 support staff.



As a predominantly architectural firm, this is our core expertise and one with which we have been serving our society and clients for the last 45 years. Our expertise stretch from small scale residential to housing, special housing, hospitality, commercial and office complexes and factories and technical laboratories.

Urban Policy/ Research/ Design and Planning

Design Combine engages with the government at various levels to intervene in policy making and design protocols for various public built environment areas. We have helped create design protocols for safe environment for the vulnerable, especially the abused child and woman, for safe houses. We have also advocated with the government for putting central to their rehabilitation plans for the marginalised, well designed healing spaces. Our built environment activism and advocacy stretches itself to planning and design of inner and heritage city cores, protection and conservation norms, advocacy regarding conservation of built heritage, urban transport and planning issues, liveable cities and inclusive design.

Interior Design

As strong believers of a holistic approach to design, interior design becomes the very core of our activities, where we invest ourselves in minutely detailed invigorating interior spaces as a great compliment to architecture. Our multidisciplinary approach allow us to integrate all aspects of a complete design to give the clients a product finished in all respects.

Micro design and Product design

The same holistic approach towards design have made us delve into fields of the smallest designs possible where every inch of our projects become part of a whole concept. In that process Design Combine has developed an impressive array of product designs, starting from furniture to customised wash basins, to doors and window systems, lamps and lighting systems, door and wardrobe handles, upholstery and furnishings and the whole gamut of every aspect of design in your built environment.