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Guest House for Titan Paints & Colours Limited (TPCL)


This is situated in one of the oldest apartment blocks in Fort Kochi built about 20 years back. Due to higher constructions around, this floor was left with no views other than a few windows facing the road. Having both the apartments on the top floor of a G+3 structure gave us ownership of the lift and the lobby area as well as part of the terrace above. Our brief was to convert it into ‘monastic’ living spaces which exude light, air and green, and provide a canvas for the huge art collection the client owned.
The client wanted to retain the two apartments as independent self-contained units, while at the same time wanted them to feel as one. The monopoly of the lift lobby and entrance foyer, and the opportunity of being on the top floor allowed a double height entrance experience for the new apartment by bursting open the top slab and covering it with a roof at the terrace roof level – a background for the high “yalis” pinning the design language to the effect aimed at – spaces occupied by modern, minimalistic people who are yet deeply Indian and ingrained in our vibrant culture. The terraces were converted to a plush garden space, creating a micro environment exclusive to all the living spaces.
The monastic subdued effect was further enhanced by the floor and wall finishes, simple and uncluttered – seamless Kota floors and white walls, broken only in places by eclectic wall papers and the exquisite art and artefacts collection.
The furniture often came up from recycled elements – modernist steel chairs reformed for the dining or a bullock cart reworked for the living coffee table. The final product infused light and air in the original dingy spaces, transformed into a minimal yet luxurious penthouse residing in the heart of Fort Kochi meant as a vacation home for the family.

  • Client :Titan Paints & Colours Ltd.
  • Location: Abad Heritage Apartments, Fort Kochi
  • Status : Completed in 2014